Monday, March 20, 2006

::[big bro + boston]::

tony came down to visit and managed to catch our st. patrick's day improv show! if anyone had any doubt that boston is a hugely irish or catholic city, or that its citizens can drink any fish to shame, let me dispel those doubts immediately. a brief walk through the chaos was all it took to make a believer out of me. all the irish bars were packed by mobs of green-clad people who had already started drinking by breakfast-time, while bagpiping and tipsy partygoers clogged the sidewalks throughout the city. it was like a religious festival. ok, a slightly skewed festival where everyone is hammered and wearing glittering shamrock antennaes...but festivals are kind of like that, right?

after partying irish-style with my fellow improvers, tony and i spent the rest of the weekend exploring some of boston's finest seafood shacks and shellfish stands. our meanderings took us to the oldest restaurant in the united states, a seafood joint in the south end that supplied every table with a heavy rock with which you were supposed to crush your lobster, assorted historic sites like the u.s.s. constitution (aka ol' ironsides) and bunker hill (which really isn't bunker hill, but breed's hill), and a boat ride across the charles river. on the boat, we met an astonishingly convincing clone of will hunting/matt damon. really. it was mindblowing. we stalked him for a bit, waiting for him to talk and move. it was better than the movie.

the fabled lobster-bashing rock.

i guess boston has been around for a while.


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