Saturday, June 30, 2007

::[cloud forests]::

for the latter half of my research, i've been conducting interviews in alta verapaz, the cloud forest region of guatemala. while based in the city of coban, i've been visiting surrounding villages to discuss dispute resolution practices with local leaders. because it's rainy season, billowing clouds normally drape the hills, and brief but fierce storms thunder past during the afternoons. i do take advantage of the sunny hours to take a few pictures, however.

one of my interviewees demonstrates her impressive weaving skills at her loom as her daughter looks on...or up.

like father, like son. a young one aspires to a grown man's work.

i took a break to visit semuc champey, which boasts several limestone tiers of warm, spring-fed waters. after climbing up to this lookout, i took a relaxing soak in the pools. i also went caving in nearby kanbah, which involved scrambling up subterranean waterfalls and swimming through underground rivers, led only by the flickering and unreliable light of a handheld wax candle!


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