Wednesday, June 27, 2007

::[moys in guate]::

my parents and two younger brothers, phil and matt, came down to guatemala to visit me for a few days! i introduced them to some friends, led them through marketplaces, lakes, and winding mountain roads (much to the dismay of my carsick-prone father), then topped the trip off by scaling the active volcano pacaya and getting up close and personal with molten lava. i'll post the videos and images of that fiery adventure once i get the chance to edit them. until then, a couple snapshots...

my friend nikolas, a traditional weaver and the president of his city's security council, introduces my family to his mother before his wife and daughter join us for lunch in santiago atitlan.

amused by our hotel room's fireplace, the moy family invents its own version of "pyro-charades" - basically, images are drawn in the air with a flaming stick while family members guess what is being depicted. for more pyrotechnics, check out our gallery of fire art!


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