Friday, July 20, 2007


over the past couple weeks, i've been holding interviews in various offices and verandas throughout the eastern districts. did you know: the word "timor" bears a close resemblance to the indonesian word for "east" (i.e. "timur"). which means that the name "east timor" in bahasa sounds very much like "east-east". this, in turn, means that visiting the eastern districts of east-east is about as far in that direction as i can go, i figure.

anyway, here are some portraits of the people i have come across during my trips...

men dressed in timorese tais taking a rest near maubisse.

a girl peeks out of her house in baucau, east timor's second largest city.

waiting patiently along the road for a ride in the afternoon sun.

these kids couldn't wait to have a photo snapped of them! they live in the village of behali, in manatuto district.


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