Wednesday, July 25, 2007

::[need for speed]::

at the enthusiastic behest of several friends who have been rallying for this photo, i am finally giving in. i hereby present you with a picture of me on the motorbike that i've rented to get around dili during my time in east timor. i have to admit that i get a real kick out of scooting around the city on my new wheels. still, at every turn, i await the inevitable First Big Spill, which simply has to happen, given both my luck and the general non-observance of traffic regulations in this country. so, even though it is ninety degrees out here, i always ride around in full-length jeans and a sweatshirt like a paranoid eskimo. i've dressed down a little for this racy pinup, however. enjoy...


After much deliberation, chin stroking, contemplation, and Googling, I've officially decided that Abby isn't merely riding a motorbike, but rather a motorcycle (despite not using countersteering).

The motorcycle is a 2005 Honda Supra Fit (and given the coloring, probably a 2005 model). The Supra Fit is sold in Indonesia only and is manufactured by Honda's joint venture, Astra Honda. Honda has a lot of JVs in Asia - there's Hero Honda in India, for example. Astra Honda, as well as Honda's 2006 annual report calls it a motorcycle, so it's a motorcycle.

Hooray Abby! You're totally the bomb.

Posted By Anonymous Sachin, at 1:54 PM  

I did not know it was possible to look so badass with a helmet that's color-cordinated to the bike.

Posted By Anonymous dank, at 7:45 AM  

thanks for the locomotive lesson, sachin! your stamp of approval means a lot coming from an expert. :) this now ranks as one of my greatest life accomplishments. next step - hell's angels...

Posted By Blogger saiph, at 10:21 AM  

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