Saturday, July 21, 2007


now, a geography lesson! unlike the rest of the islands in its archipelago, east timor is not volcanic, but rather a product of the battling asian and australian tectonic plates. it is literally the border between the two continents. east timor's topography is characterized by long, high mountain ranges crossing the middle of the island. over 44% of the country slopes at more than a 40 degree angle! east timor boasts of beaches, sandalwood stands and teak forests, hot springs, waterfalls, a landmark cristo rei statue, crocodile lagoons, and traditional architecture...for some examples, see below!

a traditional house perched on a ledge in the mountainous inner regions of the island.

the village of kaikua, near the seashore, where we visited and interviewed a former legal aid client.

sunrise over the cristo rei statue - a statue of jesus much like the ones in brazil and portugal (east timor is a former portuguese colony). you can see the statue's distant silhouette on the leftmost peak of the peninsula - there! this shot was taken from the beach in front of my house...


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