Sunday, August 05, 2007

::[scuba doo]::

i went scuba diving for the first time today!! it was absolutely mindblowing, the unimaginable diversity of coral and teeming sealife that lies just meters from the shore!

suiting up and getting our gear ready for our first dive at dili rock. from left to right, my international team was made of jumar from the philippines; caroline from guyana; david, our instructor from germany; jose from portugal; yoko from japan; and me, the US rep... =)

east timor is reputedly among the best divespots in the world, due to the unspoiled condition of its immense reefs, its brilliant colors and great visibility, and the abundance and accessibility of its wall dives (sheer underwater cliffs bejeweled with prolific coral growth that drop off into nothingness). to top it off, the practically nonexistent tourism industry here means that you get these incredible visions all to yourself!

entering the waters laden with our equipment. we started out with five, but unfortunately lost three to a panic attack, motion sickness, and breathing troubles. by the end of the day, it was just jose and me with our instructor david.

i couldn't believe my eyes, and wish i could have taken a thousand photos of the sea turtle we ambled after, the school of bannerfish that swirled around us, the vast array of coral tabletops, wells, fans, etc., and the families of clownfish that darted at our fingertips. i guess my memory will have to serve until i graduate to underwater photography...someday...


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