Friday, May 30, 2008

::[new york]::

for the first half of summer '08, i worked at a law firm in new york - my first taste of life in the private sector. my goal was to gain a different perspective of international law and development work, so i found a firm with active international arbitration and project finance teams and leaped in. it was all very eye-opening and educational; i think the exposure was invaluable to helping me frame my work as i move forward.

for lodging, i managed to snag this steal of a sublet in soho, a block away from the west village. i rented from a vacationing artist who had bought the studio thirty years ago for dirt cheap and was still holding onto it, even though all the other units around her were selling for hundreds of millions of dollars. new york is a colorful and crazy place, with amazing food, eclectic entertainment, and lots of style and personality. overall, living the relative high life in the big apple was a very different experience from my normal summer gigs...except for time when the water pump in the apartment building broke down, and we were out of running water for a few days. it felt just like old times again. =)

this was the neighborhood i lived in over the summer. i love how new york can be so massive, yet its individual neighborhoods still have a very comfortable, intimate, and old school feel to them.

looking out onto the empire state building from the lobby of my law firm. the building was one of the tallest in midtown, right off of times square, so the lawyers' offices had some of the most spectacular views of the city.

besides meandering aimlessly and talking to strangers, my favorite way of getting to know a city is eating my way through it. sam is of the same mind. so, armed with my mind-boggling summer associate salary, we went on a raging dining tour of the city, trying as many restaurants as we could that piqued our curiosity. many of our meals are chronicled here, on our food blog. yum.


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