Thursday, December 25, 2008

::[xmas in poulsbo]::

sam and i spent the holiday season in his rural hometown: poulsbo, washington, across the puget sound from seattle. as a midwesterner, i am unaccustomed to the towering and dense coniferous forests that seem to cover every last inch of land here - the roads carve their way through the trees as if they were trespassing. i have to admit: i was intimidated by the snow-laden giants, especially during the dark, misty night-time drives.

despite the new environment, we spent a very relaxing holiday with sam's grandmother, parents, sister, brother, and niece. it was only my second christmas away from my family (the first being in 2004, when i was living in chile), but it was definitely a pleasure. i was a bit starved for sunlight by the end, though - i never realized what a dozen consecutive days of overcast weather can do to your energy level...

i grew up in a household that has used the same fake plastic tree for the past twenty years, so it was a new and exciting experience cutting down a real christmas tree for the first time. this is something that the kinas do every year. i felt kind of bad hacking away at the little guy in the tree farm, but it did smell wonderful in the home, and was much decorated and celebrated.

some christmas lights strung on a tree in the kinas' backyard.


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