Saturday, March 14, 2009

::[sierra leone II]::

yes! i have not abandoned this travel blog. i've actually been storing away photos for months, fully intending to update thedoxa.com when i got the chance. well, these back-dated posts are my meager attempt to catch up on my travels. blogs away!

a view of freetown's harbor, during my recent trip back to africa this past january. i first lived in sierra leone during the summer of 2006, and blogged about it here. i returned in january to conduct some follow-up research with my ngo, Timap for Justice, as well as get back in touch with old friends. it was wonderful seeing everyone again, and astonishing to discover all the changes the country has gone through in my three-year absence. freetown actually has electricity for most hours of the day!

i was in sierra leone during barack obama's inauguration. the ensuing celebrations were insane! you would never have guessed that it was anyone other than their own president being sworn in.

although i spent more of my time in towns and cities conducting interviews this time around, i got the chance to revisit my old office in the rural village of kaniya.

home sweet home! my old village of mofwe, near the house where i used to live, and a few of the neighborhood kids. they've all really grown up!


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