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for those of you craving more material, i illustrated this twice-weekly webcomic. written by the as-always-ineffable kip.

along with gaowy, i performed in the show "Science (Fiction)" as a founding member of the live action cartoonists. it is an ensemble that puts on multimedia performances combining comics, live drawing and acting, video projection, and...lots of explosions!

people i know.

tonz' art studio, where he posts his new artwork and comic book project updates. It's called dreamflux (whose name just happens to have been coined by yours truly, yay).

chieze's photoblog. sure, chicago's cool, but he makes the city look absolutely breathtaking. i challenge you to find a photographer with a better eye.

elgrey's extraordinarily talented sketch comedy group, now performing at the second city skybox. this witty, sharp, and adventurous three-woman ensemble will have you splitting your sides with laughter. trust me...you want to see this show.

after scrubs ended, multi-talented kip launched his own webcomic, dubbed "bull and bunny." the quirky storylines reflect actual events in his life, with a twist. visit kip's blog for more on reality as he sees it.

check out dj seang's daily insights on politics, soundz, culture, international affairs, and techno-geek miscellany. without fail, he always has something intriguing to say.

the works of friend and graphic artist quiltro. an avid blogger and bicycle enthusiast, he also founded the non-profit arriba'e la chancha to promote safe urban cycling in santiago.

shinto shrines, the heights of mt. fuji, surreal festivals, classroom antics, and other smatterings of quiksil's crazy and memorable life in nippon. all captured on film.

DATENGU - the little bro's livejournal. it's not updated too regularly, but tengu compensates for this by liberally populating his entries with smilies, capital letters, exclamation marks, and photos.

for the quick and clever observations of a gai-jin in japan, visit quylob's weblog. he's currently teaching english at ikawadani junior high in kobe.

people i don't know but desperately wish i did.

DAVID MACK - my all-time favorite comicbook artist. i hate to jump on the bandwagon, but it's undeniable that his artwork is visually mesmerizing, daring, and innovative. the way he fuses images, text, and story is simply stunning...he achieves a level of quality and originality that i ultimately aspire to. for more david mack art and information, go here.

GLASSONION - michael whelan has been a primary inspiration of mine since my tender teens, when i discovered his art on the cover of my then-favorite book, the Summer Queen, by Joan D. Vinge.

i've never met this girl, but i respect her talent, and even moreso the intelligence and good heart that shines through her words and work.

CARBONATED JAZZ - i think it would scare this kid if i told him i used to have a serious crush on his online ego, if only for his killer design and musical skills. (by design i refer to the first version of carbonated jazz...which i can't seem to find anymore...but the second one is pretty cool, too).

check out this artist for a lot of fun and quirky illustrations. very clean and spunky site design, too.

places to go.

hours, but HOURS, of random, fascinating diversions. you can find all sorts of perceptive, yet soulful, multimedia eccentricities here. i worship this site.

the completely irreverent and delicious webcomic that got me into webcomicdom. the older strips are the best. i mean, god putting on puppet shows! think about it. god. with puppets.

chronicles of a beautifully made short film project. the site offers lots of cool movie snippets, concept art, and other peeks into the creative work process....something which particularly appeals to me...

the font i used for theDoxa was generously supplied by krayon ink. this site has an interesting collection of graphic designs and musings.

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